General Knowledge:

1.The most important French settlement in Bengal was-
(A) Chandernagor,
(B) Hugli,
(C) Calcutta,
(D) Murshidabad.
Ans. A

2. The natural mass of mineral matter than makes up the Earth Crust is known as-
(A) Core,
(B) Mantle,
(C) Fossils
(D) Rocks.
Ans. D

3. Which river (s) is/are responsible to form the worlds largest delta?
(A) The Ganga,
(B) The Brahmaputra,
(C) The Nile,
(D) Both A &B.
Ans. D

4. Which country has no known mineral deposit in it?
(A) Cuba,
(B) Switzerland,
(C) South Sudan,
(D) Sri Lanka.
Ans. B

5. Indian Economy can be classified as-
(A) Socialist Economy,
(B) Capitalist Economy,
(C) Liberal Economy,
(D) Mixed Economy.
Ans. D

6. BHIM app can be used to
(A) locate monuments,
(B) make cashless payments,
(C) sign digital records,
(D) None of the above.
Ans. B

7. Who is the captain of Indian cricket team?
(A) M.S. Dhoni,
(B) Virat Kohli,
(C) Suresh Raina,
(D) Shikhar Dhawan.
Ans. B

8. Big-Bang theory explains
(A) origin of Universe,
(B) origin of Sun,
(C) origin of gravitation,
(D) origin of microbes.
Ans. A

9. Who among the following is the leader of the ruling party in Lok Sabha?
(A) The President,
(B) The Vice-President,
(C) The Prime Minister,
(D) The Speaker.
Ans. C

10. Which is not a natural ecosystem?
(A) Desert,
(B) Aquarium,
(C) Mountains,
(D) Forest.
Ans. B

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11. Family is a means of
(A) informal education,
(B) formal education,
(C) non-formal education,
(D) distance education.
Ans. A

12. Which of the following propounded the theory of Moral Development?
(A) Kohlberg,
(B) Vygotsky,
(C) Sternberg,
(D) Simon.
Ans. A

13. What did NPE 1968, emphasise?
(A) Childs Education,
(B) Girls Education,
(C) Adults Education,
(D) Rural Education,
Ans. B

14. Which of the following does not include in regular education?
(A) School,
(B) Library,
(C) Religion,
(D) Teaching method.
Ans. C

15. Which of the following is the main factor of socialisation of a child?
(A) Play,
(B) Good clothes,
(C) Beauty of a child,
(D) Good look of a child.
Ans. A

16. In which of the following age a child is affected by atmosphere?
(A) Adult age,
(B) Teen age,
(C) Childhood,
(D) Early childhood.
Ans. C

17. Which of the following is not the type of intelligence?
(A) Mental Knowledge,
(B) Solid Knowledge,
(C) Worthless,
(D) Social Knowledge.
Ans. A

18. IQ scored are generally……… correlated with academic performance.
(A) Perfectly,
(B) Highly,
(C) Moderately,
(D) Least.
Ans. C

19. What is the meaning of cognition in general term?
(A) Know,
(B) Forget,
(C) See,
(D) Hear.
Ans. A

20. Which of the following is not a factor of cognition?
(A) Knowledge,
(B) Problem,
(C) Rules,
(D) Disintegration.
Ans. B

Current Affairs:

21. At which place Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lead 4th International Yoga day?
(A) New Delhi,
(B) Ahmedabad,
(C) Hyderabad,
(D) Dehradun.
Ans. D

22. Which countrys U-20 football team has won the 2018 Cotif Cup football tournament ?
(A) Venezuela,
(B) Mauritania,
(C) India,
(D) Argentina.
Ans. C

23. Who has been conferred with the 2018 Mohun Bagan Ratna?
(A) Pradip Choudhury,
(B) Rahim Ali,
(C) Sudip Chatterjee,
(D) Shilton Paul.
Ans. A

24. Which city hosted the first Nepal-India Think Tank Summit?
(A) New Delhi,
(B) Kathmandu,
(C) Udaipur,
(D) Varanasi.
Ans. B

25. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will soon issue new 100 Rupee notes with motif of which UNESCO World Heritage site?
(A) Sanchi Stupa,
(B) Rani Ki Vav,
(C) Hampi,
(D) Konark.
Ans. B

26. The repatriation process of Bru tribals will start from which state to Mizoram from 14th August 2018?
(A) Bihar,
(B) Bengal,
(C) Assam,
(D) Tripura.
Ans. D

27. Who has been elected as the Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha?
(A) Harivansh Narayan Singh,
(B) B K Hariprasad,
(C) Ananth Kumar,
(D) Ram Gopal Yadav.
Ans. A

28. Which state government has launched Poshan Abhiyanto eradicate malnutrition?
(A) Maharashtra,
(B) Tripura,
(C) Mizoram,
(D) Gujarat.
Ans. D

29. Which of the following states in India has maximum number of Unesco World Heritage Sites?
(A) Rajasthan,
(B) Karnataka,
(C) Maharashtra,
(D) Tamil Nadu.
Ans. C

30. Which Bollywood personality has been conferred D Litt (Honoris Causa) by Kazi Nazrul University in West Bengal?
(A) Sharmila Tagore,
(B) Aishwarya Rai,
(C) Rani Mukerji,
(D) Kajol.
Ans. A

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